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Pasture Raised Pork

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Heritage Pork: The new RED meat.
We raise pork the way it used to be.  Our pigs live on lush pasture of organic grass and are supplemented with barley from a local brewery,  local organic vegetables,  and locally grown non-GMO grain.  They are pasture based every day of the year, their noses are not rung, and boars are not separated from the herd.  We do not use farrowing crates, and the sows are great moms (and the boar a great dad!).  The innate knowledge these animals have of how to care for their young is incredible.
We raise Large Black Hogs, and all of our stock is registered with the Large Black Hog Association.  The meat has a short grain and plenty of marbling, and the appearance is more like beef than factory farmed pork.  The flavor is divine; addictive, really.  Our animals are not routinely given antibiotics or medications of any sort. 
Read up on the benefits of grass fed pork at
Meat is professionally processed at USDA small butcher shops, and never sees a slaughter house or a stockyard. Meat is labelled and vacuum sealed.
Prices range from $6/lb to $10/lb depending on the cut.  You do not have to buy a large portion of meat.  You can buy a single cut  or large quantity as we use a USDA inspected processor and can sell retail cuts.
Pork is very limited and generally is sold out before the hog sets hoof at the butcher's.  If you are interested, email and we'll get you on the waiting list.