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Pasture Raised Chicken

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We raise all of our animals on pasture.  This makes for the best meat and eggs, you're sure to agree.  All animals eat grass, local organic veggies,  barley from a local brewery, and locally grown non-GMO grain.  The animals are not routinely given antibiotics or medication of any sort.
We raise a combination of Label Rouge birds,  and heritage breeds.   We do not cage the birds in any way. The chicks  are raised in a brooder for about 2 weeks then live in a totally free range environment for the rest of their lives.  This slows down their growth and increases their quality of life significantly.  When chickens are confined, all they do is eat and sleep and all calories consumed are used to get fat quick.  This causes problems for the health of the chicken, the health of the consumer, and is no sort of life.  When chickens are not confined, they use a lot of the calories they consume on being chickens.  Our chickens are free to hunt bugs, take dustbaths, and roam the pastures to their heart's content.  The life span of our broiler chickens is more than double that of the chickens in the grocery store.  And they sure taste way better.   Happy chickens taste great. 
Chickens are butchered by a good friend of mine, an Amish fellow named Aden Troyer, who owns and operates Pleasant Valley Poultry in Baltic, Ohio.  This is a brand new, spotless ODA inspected facility with an ODA inspector on staff for all butchering to ensure meat safety.   All meat is vacuum sealed.