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Our Breeds

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Here are the animals that we are currently offering for sale:


The Large Black Pig is in the "critical" category on the ALBC watch list.  This is the last category before extinction. 

In the early part of this century the Large Black were used for the production of pork in outdoor operations. Its coat color makes it tolerant of many sun born illnesses and its hardiness and grazing ability make it an efficient meat producer. Large Blacks are also known for their mothering ability, milk capacity and prolificacy. (

Large Black Pigs are very large and very black.  A breeding sow is usually around 250-700 lbs and a couple year old boar is about 500 lbs. on up.  The breed is very well known for its docile nature.  Some people say that its because of their big old floppy ears that cover much of their face.   They are the perfect pig for new pig farmers.

They are the perfect pasture pig as they have black skin as are not as susceptible to most sun diseases.  They glean about 1/3  of their diet from the pasture.  They are able to live outside year round. 

All that's nice, but we wouldn't be raising them if they weren't delicious.  Some people refer to it as the "crack of pork."  The meat has often won taste tests and is highly prized by many chefs due to its marbilization and short grain. 

So, consume it with caution... it may be habit forming!

This is how it works.  If you want a pig to breed, get on a list.  They go quickly! Our wait is generally over a year currently.  You can come get the pig when it is about 2 months old.  They'll be weaned, and will have a few weeks to be fully acclimated to a pasture and feed diet and ready to go to a new home.  They are currently priced at $350 per pig.  Same price for either sex.  Breeding pigs are purebred and registered.



Langshan chickens are on the ALBC's threatened list. 
They are beautiful, hardy and well suited to homesteading as they are a dual purpose breed.  They the tallest chicken breed, with many coming above your knee.  They are great birds a round children as they are active, but gentle.  They are easy to tame and deal well with free ranging.  I guess they deal well with being confined as well, but that's not the way we do things here.
The hens are very broody and excellent mothers.  Males are not overly aggressive, but they do their job with protecting the flock.  Standard weights are as follows: Cock-9-1/2 pounds; hen-7-1/2 pounds; cockerel-8 pounds; pullet-6-1/2 pounds.  They are slow to mature, so don't expect to butcher them at 3 months like other breeds.  They lay very year round including the middle of winter.
We sell fertile eggs ($20/doz), single roosters ($20), breeding pairs ($50), and unsexed young chicks ($5).  Please contact us to be put on the waiting list for our next batch. 
We are able to ship chicks, adult chickens, and eggs.  Contact for details and pricing.  It's always best to pick up these items from our homestead if you can.  Shipping is always risky even with the best preparations.


Red Wattle Piglets
We are expecting our first litter of red wattles in August.  More info and pics to come.  Piglets are registered with the ALBC and are $250.